Kiwanis Youth Park

386 West Truslow Ave
Fullerton, CA 92832

On an unlikely, hard-to-find corner in Fullerton, The Kiwanis Club of Fullerton has created and maintained a very special place for the young people of the city. It is located across the tracks, and one more block, south-west of City Hall. (See Map) From the outside it appears to be nothing more interesting that a fenced compound and some buildings that do not appear to have any particularly well-defined purpose. Don't be fooled by the appearance. This park is a one-of-a-kind place for young people from all over Fullerton and Orange County and may be one of the most-used parks in the area.

Weekdays begin with the arrival of the staff of Councelors from The Boys & Girls Club of Fullerton . This is one of the two groups that are year-round "residents" of the park. They get immediately to work planning and preparing for the days activities. They also do a lot of cleaning and simple maintenance of their building and grounds so that the place remains perfect for their young charges.

Boy & Girls Club Playground

The building in the background, right of center and behind the tree, is the Boys & Girls Club's home at the park.
The building in the foreground, on the right, is the Park's rest room facility that will soon be relocated by an upcoming improvement project designed and paid for by the joint efforts of the Kiwanis Club of Fullerton and Boy Scout Troop 93 of Fullerton.

The real magic begins a short time later with the arrival of the children. With a liberal application of childhood imagination and the tireless efforts of the counselors, the empty building and grounds are transformed into a wonderful before and after school care facility for about 80 kids during the school year and about 120, all day, during the summer. The boys and girls are given, not only the supervision that they need to be safe, but wonderful learning opportunities at the hands of the young and uncommonly dedicated staff. The Boys and Girls Club's program consists of games, technology, the learning center, athletics and art. Best of all, this quality child care can be afforded by everyone. It is provided for $25 a week to any member of the Club. If your child needs transportation to and from school, this is available for a small additional charge. If you have priced child care lately, you will never again doubt that The Boys and Girls Club is a magical place!

At night and on weekends, in the hands of the other year-round resident of the park, Boy Scouts of Troop 93, (and maybe just a tiny assist from their parents and adult leaders), the Park again becomes a magical place of learning, fun and friendship.

Here Troop 93 holds weekly Troop and Patrol meetings, Leadership Training meetings for the scouts and Adult Leader Training and the monthly Troop Committee meetings for their parents. The Park is also equipped with storage facilities for all of the Troop's equipment and is the starting point for most of the year-round outings and special projects the Troop is involved with.

Because Troop 93 has been in residence so long, the facilities are perfect for any Scout activity and are in constant demand by other Scouting organizations like Cub Scouts, for their Den meetings and even the Orange County Council of the Boy Scouts of America often use the facilities for training and activities.

Girl Scouts also have a home here for their Troop meetings and activities. They use the Training Center and the adjoining patio. This gives them a separate place for their meetings while still allowing access to all the facilities of the Park.

Troop 93 Meeting

Troop 93 invites Cub Scouts from all over the County to participate in a Troop Meeting.
This is the opportunity for the younger Cub Scouts to see the Boy Scouts in action
and to experience some of the hands-on skills they will acquire and use if they continue on as Boy Scouts.
Here the Boy Scouts, who trained them to properly prepare and set up kindling,
look on proudly as the Cub Scouts are rewarded with a perfect campfire.

Cub Scouts doing Flag Retirement Ceremony

As the meeting comes to a close,
working with the Boy Scouts who taught them,
the visiting Cub Scouts participate in a moving Flag Retirement Ceremony.

Through the years, the Kiwanis Youth Park has evolved into one of the best youth facilities in all of Orange County. A perfect example of the flexibility and value of the Park was demonstrated a couple of weeks before Christmas.

Boys & Girls Club As the last hour of activities
at the Boys and Girls Club
were finishing up,
Troop 93 was starting preparations for their annual Mistletoe Fundraiser. This involves the entire Troop of more than 100 boys, their parents and adult leaders in the Scout Hut patio area putting together Christmas decorations using live Mistletoe that was collected the day before. Mistletoe Party
Outdoor Kitchen Of course, a group this size has to be fed
so an outdoor kitchen was set up.
At the same time,
there was a Cub Scout Den meeting
going on in the Scout Hut
Den Meeting
Girl Scout Christmas Party and the Girl Scouts
were having a Troop Christmas party
in the Training Center.

And everyone had a terrific time.

As you might imagine, the Kiwanis Club of Fullerton is very proud of this Park and the wonderful ways it serves the young people of Fullerton. If your group could benefit from these facilities, the Kiwanis Club would love to hear from you.

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